A day at Erzberg in Styria

Murtal Excursion

A visit to Erzberg in Styria is a true experience: Not only will you learn about the long and rich history of the Province of Styria, its immense 1300-year-long significance for  Austria’s economy and how well both have been incorporated into a massive adventure.

The Iron Giant that is Erzberg towers over a breathtaking scenery a mere half hour from Hotel Hofwirt: Enormous, mighty and steeped in history, it’s a meeting point for all adventure-seekers.

Embark on an exhilarating journey: With 860 bhp, “Hauly” is the largest viewing-platform-equipped taxi in the world. With you on board, it “climbs” up the cascades of the mountain for one hour. During the ride you are provided with lots of interesting facts.

The same applies to the show mine and the valley station of the so-called Hugo Stinnes Lift, which used to take thousands of workers to work and back home back in the day.

Every Thursday, visitors are treated to a unique spectacle: live blasting!

Don’t forget to ask when the Erzberg-Rodeo, the toughest and most famous off-road motorcycle race in the world, takes place.

Erzberg and its many attractions is open from May to October.

By the way: If you stay in one of Projekt Spielberg’s hotels, you are granted a 15 percent discount on the day pass – our reception staff will gladly help you with your booking!

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