Krampus parade Hotel G'Schlössl Murtal

Krampus parade at G'Schlössl Murtal

Event Murtal Christmas

In the time before Christmas, the Mur Valley is quiet, tranquil, traditional and romantic! For years now, the centre of this beautiful ambience has been the large natural pond of Hotel G’Schlössl Murtal where a Christmas market is held every weekend in Advent. This year, a not-so-quiet but even more impressive traditional highlight has been added: A Krampus parade!

On Saturday, 7 December at 5 pm

Looking at the breathtakingly pretty square, the large park and the rustic booths of the Christmas Village, one almost feels obliged to honour age-old customs and to revitalise them. We do exactly that in cooperation with the Krampus Association Molochs-Brut (literally “Moloch’s Brood”). Michi and Nici Farcher founded this association and are excited about its appeal. Today, it consists of 30 active “Krampus” that – together with their “colleagues” will also haunt our grounds this year.

Up to 30 groups are expected to wow visitors with their impressive masks and Krampus heads. Clad in “Gink” furs and making a mighty racket with their cow bells, they will involve the Christmas Market’s visitors in this wonderful tradition. Goosebumps and amazement are guaranteed!

After such an exciting experience, it’s best to visit one of the booths to recuperate with a glass of mulled wine and a few Styrian titbits. Or why not treat yourself to some regional delicacies off the menu in one of Hotel G’Schlössl Murtal’s cosy parlours?

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