Provide pure relaxation


Murtal Relaxation

Provide pure relaxation

Our SPA area is the perfect place for massages and relaxation. Our staff will be pleased to advise you and pamper your body from head to toe with classic but also special massage techniques.

Signature treatment
Stone pine therapy - Cura Pinus Cembra

The stone pine, the so called "queen of the alps", is found most commonly in the wooded areas of the Styrian mountains. It defies wind and weather all the way up to 2,500 m above sea level, and can reach an age up to 1,000 years. It contains a prescious scented oil, whose curative power impacts your body intensively. It slows down your heart rate, promotes healthy sleep and provides deep, vegetative relaxation.

The SPA provides a wrap-around body treatment with this gorgeous stone pine oil:

Stone pine bath, 35 minutes€ 39
Stone pine wrap with pine curls, 35 mintues€ 49
Full body bassage with stone pine oil, 60 minutes€ 69

Sassi dei Vulcano / Hot stone treatment

This traditional American Indian method of healing is characterised by activating the energy zones of your body using lava stones. Moreover, it relaxes your muscles and activates your blood flow. This massage using lava and marble stones makes this traditional ritual into an unforgettable experience for you.

60 minutes€ 79

More Treatments

Classic massage

This massage technique makes it possible to treat multiple physical ailments at once. Aside from the impact on the degree of tension and blood flow in our muscles, this massage has a particularly profound effect on
your entire body. Your nervous system is relaxed which decreases your stress level and brings relaxation to your soul.

60 minutes€ 65

Vitalising back massage

This activating back-shoulder-neck massage reduces muscle tension and has a vitalising effect.

35 minutes€ 39

Sport massage

The sport massage can prepare your muscles for physical activity or regenerate it after such. Depending on your needs, toning or detoning methods.

60 minutes€ 65

Foot reflexology treatment

The reflex zones on your feet are being stimulated through light pressure to regain lost energy. This massage aids the general relaxation and harmonisation of your body.

40 minutes€ 44

Face- & full-body lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage increases the transport of lymph within the lymphatic vessels and in consequence enhances the excretion of metabolites. Lymphatic drainage not only helps with cellulite and swollen face or legs, but also with water retention. This gentle technique can relieve you of such uncomfortable congestions and you will experience a more vital feeling in your body.

Full-body lymphatic drainage, 60 minutes€ 69
Face lymphatic drainage, 45 minutes€ 45

Scented oil massage

Let us pamper you with this full-body or back massage using selected scented oils and embrace a world of deep relaxation.

60 minutes€ 69
35 minutes€ 49

Face-, head- and neck massage

A relaxing face, head and neck massage. A real blessing for body and mind.

35 minutes€ 39

Cupping and cup massage

The suction effect of the cups results in increased blood circulation in the treated skin. Cup massage activates the metabolism of the connective tissue, thus having a detoxing and tautening effect. The use of exclusive oils boosts these effects. This treatment is suitable for the entire body including your face and is best combined with a full-body or facial peeling.

60 minutes€ 70,-
30 minutes€ 50,-

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